County Mayor

Mayor’s Office at a Glance

County Mayor John Carroll
Assistant to Mayor Casey Long
Budget Director Marcia Holder
Location 121 E. Main St., Linden, TN 37096
Phone 931-589-2216
Fax 931-589-2215
Mail P.O.B. 16, Linden, TN 37096
Hours M–F, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

About the Mayor’s Office: Perry County, Tennessee


The office of the Perry County Mayor is located in Perry County’s historic courthouse.

The County Mayor for Perry County, Tennessee, provides leadership and direction to the county in most policy areas to steer the county in the direction most beneficial to the county’s future. The County Mayor represents the county in official business and is often involved in matters vital to the county’s community and economic development. If elected by the Commission, the Mayor may serve as the Chairman of the County Commission. The Mayor is also charged with the care and custody of specific county property.

As the County Mayor is the chief financial officer of the county, the County Mayor signs or cosigns county warrants for general fund expenditures. The County Mayor has the authority to examine the accounts of the county officers to verify each item of expenditure or revenue. The Office of the County Mayor audits all claims for money against the county and serves as the chief accounting officer for the county and maintains the general fund accounts. The County Mayor generally has a strong role in the budgetary process and often presents the consolidated budget for each fiscal year to the county budget committee or county legislative body.




Fiscal Responsibilities of the County Mayor's Office

As accounting officer and general agent of the county, the County Mayor has the responsibility to:

  1. Have care and custody of all county property, except that in the custody of other officials.
  2. Appoint and to fix compensation of an agent or attorney to take care of county property.
  3. Control all books, papers and instruments of the office.
  4. Audit all claims for money against the county.
  5. Draw, without seal, all warrants on the county treasury.
  6. Audit and settle accounts of the county trustee, and those of any other collector or receiver of county revenue, taxes or incomes, payable into the county treasury, and those of any persons entrusted to receive or expend any money of the county.
  7. Require the above officers or persons to render and to settle their accounts as directed by law, or by the authority under which they act.
  8. Enter in the warrant book, in order of issuance, the number, date, amount and name of the drawee of each warrant drawn upon the treasury.
  9. Keep in a suitable book an account of the receipts and expenditures of the county, so as to show clearly the assets of the county, and the debts payable to and by it, balancing the account semiannually, and generally to superintend the financial concerns of the county.
  10. Write a semiannual report to the county legislative body reflecting all money received and paid out, and a complete statement of the financial condition of the county; to settle the other accounts once every year.


Financial Officer Duties

As financial officer of the county, the County Mayor has the following duties:

  • To draw a warrant on the county trustee for payment of any judgment recovered against, or debt due from, the county.
  • To reduce to writing the testimony of any witness examined by the mayor concerning any settlement and file the same.
  • To examine minutely and settle the accounts of county officers, referring to the records, documents, dockets and papers in the office to verify each item.
  • To report the settlement to the county legislative body, under an oath stating “that the county mayor believes that the same contains a true schedule of the revenue collected by each officer, and which the county mayor is bound by law to pay to the county trustee.”
  • To make duplicates of the settlements with the clerks of the circuit, chancery and appellate courts, to deliver one duplicate to the county clerk, and to file the others in each clerk’s office.