Education at a Glance

Schools  Perry County Schools
Central Office  857 Squirrel Hollow Dr., Linden 37096
Phone 931-589-2102
Lobelville School
196 East Av., Lobelville 37097
Phone 931-593-2354
Linden Elementary School
331 Brooklyn Av., Linden 37096
Phone 931-589-2531
Linden Middle School
130 College Av., Linden 37096
Phone 931-589-5000
Perry County High School
1056 Squirrel Hollow Dr., Linden 37096
Phone 931-589-2831
Head Start
2469 Squirrel Hollow Dr., Linden 37096
Phone 931-589-6368
Linden  104 College St., Linden, TN 37096
Phone 931-589-2216
Lobelville  55 South Main St., Lobelville, TN 37097
Phone 931-593-3111
Chamber of Commerce
215 E Main St, Linden, TN 37096
Phone 931-589-2453
  Agricultural Extension Service
113 Factory Street, Linden, TN 37096
Phone 931-589-2331
Mousetail Landing State Park
3 Campground Rd, Linden, TN 37096
Phone 731-847-0841

The lively spirit of inquiry is alive and well in Perry County within its County School System, the Library System, the Agricultural Extension Service, the Chamber of Commerce and Mousetail Landing State Park.

Education in Perry County, Tennessee

Education is a Perry County commitment to lifelong learning through a fabric of resources that are anchored with the Perry County Schools. The Pre-K through High School educational system prepares students to reach their potential at or beyond their grade level. The High School’s Ayers Foundation works with students who are college bound.

Perry County is home to Head Start for area pre-school aged children. This active center focuses on child development programs that provide comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to children and their families.

The Schools are enhanced by the programs and resources of the Perry County Library which operates Branches in Linden and Lobelviille. Supported by its lively Friends of the Library and Volunteer Board of Directors, the Library sponsors reading enrichment opportunities for all of Perry County’s citizens. In addition, the Library maintains a dedicated resource for Genealogical research.

The Perry County Chamber of Commerce actively engages business and industry in ongoing programs to enhance business knowledge, skills and a lively business community.

Perry County also has the resources for Families and Communities, Businesses and Consumers through UT Extension Perry County. With programming, workshops and library resources, the Extension Office offers a wide range of information, education and support for all of Perry County. Beyond that, the Agricultural Extension operates a vibrant 4H program for young people from 4th-12th grades.

Mousetail Landing State Park offers seasonal educational and instructional opportunities for young people, adults and seniors interested in outdoor skill building.