About the Courts in Perry County, Tennessee

Perry County’s courts handle a variety of legal issues for the citizens of Perry County. There are three types of courts in Perry County: General Sessions Court, Circuit Court and Chancery Court. These three courts hear different kinds of legal matters from criminal cases to civil disputes. Records, dockets, forms and filing information pertinent to General Sessions Civil and Criminal, Juvenile Civil and Criminal and Traffic court may be found in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. Matters addressed through Chancery Civil or Criminal courts are handled by the Clerk & Master.

No weapons allowed in the courthouse, including knives, and no cell phones or cameras may be taken into the courtrooms.

A brief description of each of the courts is below. To learn more about the court, click on the blue link:

General Sessions Court handles criminal, civil, traffic and juvenile courts. The General Sessions Judge and the Juvenile Probation Officer are associated with the General Sessions Courts. Civil jurisdiction is restricted to specific monetary limits and types of actions. Criminal jurisdiction is limited to preliminary hearings in felony cases and misdemeanor trials in which a defendant waives the right to a grand jury investigation and trial by jury in Circuit or Criminal Court.

Circuit Court handles criminal and civil cases. Circuit Courts are courts of general jurisdiction in Tennessee. Circuit court judges also hear appeals of decisions from Juvenile, Municipal, and General Sessions Courts.

The Clerk and Master is responsible for Chancery Issues such as probate of wills and administration of estates, suits for collection of delinquent property taxes after two years and certain types of civil filings including damages, torts, contracts and real estate. Probate judges also handle conservatorships and guardianships. Family law issues such as divorce, custody and child support are addressed by the Chancery Court.

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